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Our Vision is to build sustainable relationships and maintain objectivity while providing quality services.


As our Mission, we aim to be recognized by our clients as the trustworthy partner in tackling
complex restructuring and insolvency matters in the rapidly-altering economic environment.


Mavent Restructuring is boutique firm that offers turnaround, operational and financial corporate restructuring services including challenging, complex or critical business issues under special situation of buy-outs along with the insolvency and liquidation services to the companies under stress for revival or exit out of insolvency including taking-over the management of companies at the instance of lenders.

We also have an experience in National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)matters in providing services relating to Voluntary Liquidation for solvent companies (controlled wind-downs), Insolvency Resolutions of Corporate Debtors to maximize the value of Corporate Debtors (revival under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code) and court-appointment liquidation and/or Bankruptcy services which are in the nature of fiduciary duty and we act with trust, integrity, transparency and accountability.

We serve MNC’s, financial institutions, banks, corporates and insolvency professionals. Most restructurings need a contingency plan. Our value proposition is in our technical strength in understanding the requirements precisely and delivering to their needs and satisfaction. We are also recognized as Insolvency Professional Entity (IPE) by the “Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India” (IBBI), a unique regulator to regulates the Insolvency, Liquidation & Bankruptcy profession as well as related processes.


Mavent’s core values represent our highest priorities and deepest-held beliefs. They lie at the heart of what we stand for and the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.




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Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Services

Insolvency doesn’t mean “the end” or “the termination” but a chance for a “new beginning” or “new life”. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (‘IBC’ or ‘the Code’) is set to be a game changer, seeking to deal with insolvency and liquidation proceedings in a time bound and efficient manner in order to maximize value of assets and enhance investor confidence by providing an efficient framework to deal with business failures. Also, the Code brings about a paradigm shift from a “Debtor in Possession” to a “Creditors in Control” regime, with creditors exercising timely control in the event of a default in the repayment of any debt, including interest. At Mavent Restructuring, we provide end to end insolvency resolution services to banking clients, debt investors, Resolution Professionals and other stakeholders by reviewing non-performing loan portfolios and developing resolution strategies and executing under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy laws, regulations and NCLT procedures.

Voluntary liquidation is when a company decides to dissolve itself on its own terms, as approved by the director and shareholders of the company. The decision usually occurs when a company, being in solvency stage, decides that it has no reason for operating anymore, or if it is not feasible to operate anymore. At Mavent Restructuring, we provide efficient and faster process to voluntary liquidate the Company and provides easy exit.

Liquidation Process is all about selling the assets of the Corporate Debtor and distributing the sale proceeds to stakeholders. The liquidator, in the normal course, gets better remuneration if the assets are sold in the first six months and his remuneration diminishes on every sale after the first six months. At Mavent Restructuring, we provide efficient and faster sale of assets of Corporate Debtor during the Liquidation Process.

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), is a new opportunity to invest in distressed assets in India. We advise clients who are looking to invest in distressed assets through buy outs from the NCLT and developing their investment strategy as well as handholding them through the process including opportunity identification, evaluation, preparation of the Resolution Plan, representation before the Committee of Creditors and NCLT.

Corporate Finance Services

Dynamic and disrupted markets, geopolitical uncertainty and ever-growing corporate transparency are putting increasing pressure on companies’ liquidity and cash flows. We help companies forecast, monitor and free up cash via robust, actionable methodologies.

We help clients review their financial position and advice on the restructuring of financial liabilities and the wider capital structure. We work with management to create decisive strategic and financial plans to underpin the turnaround of the business including the complex corporate 'Carve Outs’.

One Time Settlement (OTS) can help borrowers address concerns like litigations, undesirable costs, and other apparent challenges. We assist through relationship with banks to negotiate favourable terms for settling theaccounts categorized as “Non-Performing Assets”.

Investment Banking Services

Mergers and Amalgamations are gaining significance as they offer expeditious ways to revive financially distressed units and have become an integral part of the Indian economy. We handle mergers and amalgamations including documentation, due diligence, structuring the deal and court procedures in a tax efficient, cost effective and legally compliant manner.

The entering and exploring of new markets or product/service lines may require to partner with businesses and minds that can bring synergies. We can help in identifying the partner with a strong market presence or a technical partner with the relevant know-how or a partner with a strong management team to structuring the deal, assistance in negotiation of the commercial terms, signing of the agreements and recommending options for Equity and/or Profit Sharing.

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